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Theatre Group trip to see ‘ Out of Order’

A good trip.  We made excellent time – both ways in brand new state of the art coach!

A very funny play with up to date names of current Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and Brexit mentioned many times!  All the actors were exceptionally good and projected their voices well.

It was shame that the theatre was only about half full so I was unable to re-sell the tickets where members had had to cancel – but I did try!

Penny Young


Theatre Group outing to see Maxim Vengerov

Maxim Vengerov at the Sheldonian Theatre

We enjoyed a most marvellous evening at the Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford, seeing/hearing Maxim Vengerox play Mozart. Concertone for Two Violins in C Major.K190′ and Violin Concerto No. 5 in A. major. K219. “Turkish”  The other violinist that accompanied him was Natalia Lomeiko and she too was brilliant.  Maxim also conducted the orchestra!

The second half was completely different.  The Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra played Beethoven Symphony No.4 in B flat major. op.60. conducted by Marios Papadopoulos.

The whole evening had us “spellbound.”  Definitely worthwhile putting up with the uncomfortable backless seats!

The sun shone and we had time before the performance for a drink and comfort break.

I had never heard either of the pieces played which was just pure joy.

What more could you want!  Our mini bus took us home so no waiting around for transport.

Penny Young


Theatre Group trip to see ‘Matilda’

Trip to see ‘Matilda’ – November 2016

I didn’t believe people when they told me they had been to see this AND how much they enjoyed it!

However once the prices had “come down” a bit I took a “punt” and organised a trip.  The tickets sold very quickly and yes it was an excellent show. Good acting by the children and the adults.   A lovely way to spend a very wet and miserable afternoon in London.  Traffic going up to London seemed quite long but the return journey much better helped of course by a very comfortable coach!

Penny Young 


Theatre Group trip to Globe Theatre

Merchant of Venice

On 13 October we had a most enjoyable trip to the Globe Theatre to see a marvellous  “traditional” performance of The 
Merchant of Venice. It was very well acted but unfortunately The Judge was very hard to hear and on occasions so was Portia.

Lots of school children were there, some of whom stood for the whole performance and were well behaved.

The only downside to the afternoon was the lunch in the cafe at the Globe which was awful and I have written to the Globe to advise them of this.  Other people did better at the Pitzza Hut and the pub nearby.

The river Thames was abit grey but so busy and it was nice spending a little while watching the traffic on the Thames go by.

Penny Young


Theatre Group trip to the Barbican

We had a most wonderful evening at the Barbican on Monday evening 6th June. Maxim Vengerov Artist in Residence played Sibelius Violin Concerto in D minor.Op.46. for the first half. This piece rarely heard original version of Sibelius’s etherael Violin Concerto, back by public demand after his 2015 performance in Oxford of which special recording rights were given to Vengerov by the Sibelius family. Continue reading Theatre Group trip to the Barbican