Current Affairs Report July 2015

11 members attended, and apologies were received from 2 members. Joyce Davies has resigned from the group, due to other commitments. We will miss Joyce’s lively contributions to our discussions.

Volunteers would be welcome for the Risborough Town Festival, this Saturday afternoon, 11th July, to explain the role of U3A in the town and recruit new members. A Beetle Drive will be held on 9th July from 4 to 6pm in St Mary’s Hall.

We welcomed Alan Turner from Princes Risborough Town Council and Wycombe District Council. He spoke to us about the role of these two tiers of local government, and also explained how Bucks County Council forms the third tier. Alan explained the different functions of each tier of local government, and also raised the possibility that in due course the County Council may merge with the various District Councils to form a unitary authority.

Alan’s talk was fascinating and his knowledge of local government clearly extensive. Among topics currently exercising the minds of the councillors at the various levels are planning matters, the preservation of historic buildings, the town council’s burial ground, housing, sports provision, highways, education, day care, libraries, and the provision of infrastructure which will be needed once decisions are made about new housing in Princes Risborough.  Alan said that WDC would have a stall at the Fair on Saturday 11 July and they will also be hosting an exhibition and drop-in session at the Risborough Community Centre from 6.00 – 9.00pm. on Friday 17 July, which will concern the New Plan.

There were many questions raised by members. These Alan answered fully and clearly. We could have continued talking for longer, but matters were drawn to a close, and Alan was thanked for his fascinating presentation.

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The next meeting will be on 3rd August, and will be held in the Baptist Church as the usual room is not available.