Fire safety in the home – H&W

At its meeting on 6th March the Health & Wellbeing group had a very interesting talk given by Alison Still entitled Fire Safety
in the home. Alison started by asking us if we knew the top five reasons for calling out the Fire Brigade, various reasons were put forward but they are:

Car Accidents – they are there to take the top off the car to enable the ambulance members to get a back board behind the injured and to mop up any leaking fuel.

Fire from – washing machines, dishwashers and tumble driers which have very complicated electric circuits and should never be left on with no one in the house.

Fire from – Tongs and Straighteners Alison showed us some photos of fires caused by Tongs which had been left on and fallen on the floor where clothes had been laying always turn them off and pull the plug out.

Fire from – Chip pans, people walk away and get distracted. She advised that you should only ever turn the chip off and walk away, never go back to it and put a cover on it as you will possibly get your arms burnt.

Cigarettes – People fall asleep and can catch themselves alight or the furniture they are sitting on.

Alison showed us a 3 pin plug which had been overloaded and burnt also a toaster which had one side burnt out after not clearing the crumbs out which had then caught on fire. We saw a picture of a house which had burnt to the ground and the cause was leaving a mirror on a window ledge which caught the curtains on fire.

Members were asked if they had an electric blanket, Alison advised that they should be pat tested after 3 years and to throw them away after 10yrs.

After many questions Alison finished by saying that every house should have at least two smoke detectors and a carbon-monoxide detector (which can be fitted free of charge from the fire brigade) and when going to bed shut all the doors and make sure you have a torch and a phone by the bedside.
The afternoon finished with tea and cakes.