Highlights of the National Gallery

Main Meeting – Jan 2013

Suzanne Carr, a local resident, is a lecturer on Art and Art History to many local adult education establishments.

She gave a very informative and entertaining talk, taking us through the centuries using oil paintings from the National Gallery, which she considers as the highlights of the collection.

She started with pictures from the Sainsbury Wing and the Wilton Diptych from the 14th century, painted by an anonymous painter, followed by 6 religious pictures of the 15th century. She also showed us the only non-religious picture of the period.

The more well known pictures of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries followed and Suzanne’s talk ended with paintings of the Impressionists of the 19th century.

Throughout the talk we were given information on the methods used by the artists and how these changed through the centuries.

The gallery was opened in 1834 with 15 paintings and now has 2300 hung.

Perhaps Suzanne was disappointed at our knowledge of artists but her enthusiasm for her subject encouraged many of us to make the decision to visit the National Gallery to see the pictures for ourselves and learn more.