Music Appreciation report on 22nd June 2016 meeting

There was a last-minute change to the programme for this meeting resulting in John Culling giving a presentation on the “History of the Classical Guitar”.  The customary use of CD’s was enhanced by watching a number of DVD’s of people playing guitars.

John traced the development of the modern classical guitar from its ancestor, the lute.  John also described the technique needed for guitar playing, especially commenting on the length of fingernails to aid good playing.

Everything John told us was ably demonstrated through his choice of CDs and DVDs.

The music we listened to was:-

“Introduction” J S Bach; Fugue in G minor BWV 1000.

“Renaissance music” John Dowland; A lesson for two lutes.

“Baroque music” Robert de Visee; Minuet and Gaspar Sanz; Canerios.

“Classical music” Robert Sor; Introduction and Variations on a theme of Mozart Op9, and Maurio Gulliani; Concerto for Guitar and String Orchestra, Op30.

“Romantic music” Francesco Tarrega; Capricho Arabe.

“20th Century music” J S Bach; Gavotte, Joachim Rodrigo; Concerto de Aranjuez, and Fantasia para un gentelhombre, Augustin Barrios Mangore; Suefio en la Floresta, Antonio Lauro; Vais Venezolano Nos 2 & 3, and Francisco Tarrega; Requerdos de la Alhambra.