Aims and Objectives

Psychology is the science of the human mind, the study of mind and behaviour.

(Rf. Chambers Concise Dictionary. P855). Our belief systems, our thinking patterns influence the way we behave. The aims of studying Psychology is to have a greater understanding of ourselves and the motives behind our behaviour.

The objectives would be to further our awareness of how that affects others and our interaction with them.

Group Leader:

June Brazier                            Tel: 01844 347027

June is stepping down at Christmas after 15 years of 
service,  so unless someone agrees to take over, the December meeting will be the last one.  Please get in touch with her if you are interested in finding out more about running this dynamic group. June is willing to provide full support.


Community Centre, Cherry Baker Room


Third Thursday of the month. 10 am – noon

Next Meetings

  • 21/12/2017 10:00 amRational Emotive Therapy
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What we do

We tend to average thirty members at Psychology. We all have interesting backgrounds and a story to tell, which is what makes this such a dynamic and interactive group. We are all prepared to challenge an discuss. or just listen and laugh at life.

The tea and coffee break is a time to be sociable, exchange ideas and chat. Anyone new to the group will be made most welcome.


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