Report on a Music Appreciation Group meeting on 25th May 2016

Valerie Page gave a very interesting presentation of music under the heading “Villains”.

The “Villains” mostly turned out to be the “baddies” in operas.

The music we listened to was:-

Verdi; “Luisa Miller” (1849)

Mozart; “The Magic Flute” (1791)

Andrew Lloyd Webber; “Jesus Christ, Superstar” (1970)

Donnizatti; “Lucrezia Borgia” (1833)

Boito; “Mefistofele” (1868)

Verdi; “Rigoletto” (1851)

Prokofiev; “Peter and the Wolf”

Mozart; “Don Giovanni” (1787)

Vaughan Williams; “Job – Satan’s Dance” (1931)

Verdi; “Otello” (1887)

Gounod; “Faust” (1859)

Richard Strauss; “Salome” (1905)

Puccini; “Tosca” (1900)