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Social Events are organised from time to time throughout the year to encourage members to enjoy various activities outside their usual special interest groups.

The planning and organisation of such events is carried out on behalf of the committee by the Social Events Secretary, frequently with the help of others as and when needed.

Social Events Secretary

Cathy Whiteway
Telephone 01844 351588

Previous Events

You can read about the various activities we’ve organised previously by clicking on the link:  Previous events 


Next Event – Jane Austen Tea Dance

The first social event of 2018 is the Jane Austen Tea Dance on the afternoon of Saturday February 24th. (3-6pm).  You are invited to dance in Regency style: just Google a YouTube clip of any Pride and Prejudice or Emma film to see the style. There will be a caller to explain what to do.

You can come with a partner or alone, or you might like to come as a group of friends. Regency dancing is graceful and can generally be walked not skipped, so it doesn’t have to be too energetic, but people who want to watch instead of dance are welcome.

You can dress in an approximation of Regency costume if you want but you DON’T have to.

The Regency refreshments will be provided by the Food and Wine Group.

Tickets (£8) are now on sale at the monthly meetings and by phone from the Social Events Secretary, Cathy Whiteway.  Do come and have a fun afternoon.

Social Events Calendar

The calendar below is interactive, you can navigate using the controls on the calendar to see the schedule in later months.

Click on an item within the calendar to learn more about it.

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 Please contact the Social Events Secretary if you have ideas for any events you would like us to organise.





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