3D Photography

It was good to see everyone who attended today’s meeting – and condolences to those of you who had to miss out to be in some God-forsaken country of sunshine, wine, happiness, friendliness, and photo opportunities (or Cornwall in the case of Carole).

We had another great crop of prints on this month’s theme of “Flowers” (or “Flour” in the case of one of our more spelling-challenged members). We even had some prints and memory stick entries from people who had forsaken us for those aforementoned God-forsaken countries.

In “Talking about GoD”, we had a quick look at lens hoods, with some examples of how they can dramatically cut down flare and other light-induced problems. Lens hoods also give your lovely, expensive lenses some protection against knocks.

The Skills Session this month looked at how easy it was to create stereo (3D) images without using anything other than a normal camera (a mobile phone would do) and some free software, sometimes creating quite stunning images. We created our own stereo photo of the meeting – attached you will find the Right and Left image pair and the resulting stereo image (for which you will need red-cyan glasses, like the ones handed out at the meeting). Notes on how to create your own stereo images are on our More about Photography page.