John Rutter at the Royal Albert Hall

On Wednesday 6th December 2017 a large group of us went up to the RAH to hear and sing along with John Rutter’s Christmas Celebration.   We had fantastic seats so were able to see the whole orchestra, the wonderful Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Choirs and the King Singers performing.  Audience participation was very good. A very enjoyable afternoon.  Lots of people asked if I could book this again for next year as they had enjoyed it so much.

The RAH always has a magic of its own.  The only problem as always is the scramble to find somewhere to sit down to eat and drink if only a snack and to have time to queue for the ladies before the performance!  I organised leaving P.R. half an hour earlier than originally planned to ensure that we arrived (hopefully) in good time to do this bearing in mind Christmas traffic.  This worked out really well I am glad to say and we all arrived at our seats refreshed and comfortable!

I look forward to another trip!

Penny Young