Walking – Sept 2013

September Walks

Long Walk: – Lane End to Marlow – 9 miles

Lane End to MarlowTen of us met on a glorious sunny day in the car park at The Grouse and Ale, Lane End. We set off at 9.30 – no waterproofs or coats – just sunhats & sun screen. Our route led us south at first passing the church and on down to Moor Farm where we turned off the road to walk down a drive, across fields to reach woodland – very welcome on this hot day.

There had been no rain for over 2 weeks so the ground was very dry – no sign of mud at all! The flat path led us eastwards then southwards through Moor Wood to later emerge at Bluey’s Farm. From here we climbed a little, getting excellent views over the valley then entered Shillingridge Wood going uphill at first but soon descending to a valley bottom. Here 3 of the group decided to take the valley path to avoid a steep climb while the rest of us set off steeply uphill, though thankfully in shade, to gain the ridge. We walked along the ridge with wonderfull views all round, then soon descending back into the valley bottom.


Here we crossed a lane to go uphill once again to eventually reach the road at Bovingdon Green near the Royal oak where we planned to meet the others. Unfortunately they had missed a turn and had to walk a bit further than was planned so we arrived before them and wondered where they could be. A mobile phone call soon ascertained their position – they were still walking towards the pub – so while we waited we sat on the Green at a picnic table & chairs with a white table cloth on the table and a vase of sweet peas on top!

A local lady explained that the villagers liked to do this and we were very welcome to sit there while we waited!. Soon the rest of the party joined us and we set off again, now going westwards to Marlow Common, down and up another steep sided valley to reach Lower Woodend.

on the way to Marlow

Then on a combination of road and field paths, now going north west we reached the road near Chisbridge Farm. Her we turned right to walk along the road for ½ mile to a T junction, left here and then soon right, into woodland once more – a welcome relief to be out of the sun again. The path led us gently uphill through Bottom Wood then on out into the sunshine to cross a couple of stubbly fields to reach Moor Common – and shade again. Here we followed a narrow path, passing cottages to emerge on the road leading back to Lane End and the last ¼ mile to reach the pub, arriving at 2.10. We were all extremely hot and ready for a meal and a drink which was quickly and pleasantly served. A lovely walk but quite long and strenuous to do without a lunch break – but it was lovely not to have to start walking again after lunch!

Strollers Walk : September 9th – Leader: Marion Gander

Rain! What a day! Our meeting place was Hughenden, top car park. I arrived in the pouring rain thinking no one will want to walk in this. But alas – a new recruit and a regular walker and her dog, all eager to walk. Well the dog was! Suitably kitted out in our waterproofs we ventured down the path, across the cornfield and into a meadow. The walk took us mostly through the woods, and after a slight climb, we would have had a lovely view over Wycombe, but it was raining so hard that we could not see a thing! We arrived back to our cars extremely wet, but feeling refreshed.

Medium Walk – September 13th led by Eileen & Geoff Heyes

Many people were away for this walk so Geoff & Eileen led just 2 other people on an unplanned circular walk from the Golden Cross at Saunderton.