A History of Pinewood Studio, Iver Heath.

Firstly the members were pleased to welcome Sally back and wished her well.

Our talk today was given by Mike Payne and entitled A History of Pinewood Studio, Iver Heath. Mike started by giving us a brief history of Heatherden Hall(which was the original name of Pinewood Studios) built around 1891/1892 and complete with approximately 100 acres. The Hall had 4 previous owners including

Charles Boot who purchased the house, renovated and added parts, and who alsohad a passion for films. In 1936 Joseph Arthur Rank joined forces and a Board of Directors was formed and Pinewood was born – although this was to be short lived and in 1938 due to a lack of funds, Pinewood Studios closed.
Throughout the years Pinewood Studios had a “rocky” time always appearing to make money with film making and then suffering from a lack of funds. During the War military films were made and the famous Newsreels came into being. Many famous films were made at Pinewood over the years : The Carry On Films, the James Bond films, Superman, Batman to name a few.
Mike’s personal enthusiasm came to the fore when he reminisced his childhood and beyond – memories of going to his local cinema, standing outside waiting for autographs from the Stars and his general love of films and their stars. We entered his world and were pleased to hear his stories and also to see some of his treasures collected over the years. For a while we were in another world !!
Sally thanked Mike and then gave out notices from the Main meeting.