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Adapting to screen size

Depending on the screen size of the device you are using to display this website; it may appear different to what you would see on a high resolution colour display such as a laptop or desktop. The webserver detects the size of the display in the browsing device and changes the layout so that the site is still usable on an iPhone or Android phone as well as a full HD monitor.

Higfh resolution screen
Website displayed on a high resolution monitor

This means that the menu may appear to be compressed into a small icon which you will need to click to see the menu. The side bar on the left may appear beneath the site rather than to the left if the screen is small.  These effects are deliberate, and are designed to help you achieve the best browsing experience on this website.

Website displayed on a lower resolution narrow screen
The website will automatically adapt the layout for lower resolution screens to ensure that the content can still be used on mobile devices.

Organising the Data into Information

There is a lot of information on this website. To assist you in locating what you are looking for, or even simply to assist you in browsing there are multiple ways of getting to the information. Please read through the following guide which will give you an overview on how the site is organised and the difference between various navigation tools which are used on the site in the sidebars and elsewhere.

Interest Groups

Interest Groups in the sidebar
Interest Groups (Right sidebar)

Risborough and District U3A has many independent Interest Groups currently covering 30 subject areas. Each Interest Group has at least a page with some general information on it about the Interest Group; what their aims and objectives are, a little about the group, a calendar of events, contact details and information about the next meeting(s).

Those groups that are more active than others can add to the single page entry as their group develops, or they wish to share more with people.

These interest groups are listed in the right sidebar. Clicking on one of these will take you to the Interest Group Home page where you can learn about what they do.

There is also an Interest Group Index page on the site which will also list all of the groups and allow you to explore them to find out more. The page is here: Interest Group Index

Articles, Reports and Minutes

Some of the Interest Groups may create articles or monthly updates to inform people what events have just occurred, or provide summaries of meetings. As these are created, they go to the News page The News page will always have the most recent information at the top of the page.

Category Cloud
Category Cloud (Left sidebar)

Each news item carries a category tag that relates back to the name of the Interest Group. This allows you to easily locate all of the reports from an Interest Group (provided the articles exist) and list them in temporal order, most recent at the top.

Here is an example for Walking. (Close the browser tab when you have finished reading the content).

On the left side bar is a Category or Article Cloud. (tip: if you are reading this on a mobile device, the left sidebar will be beneath this page, so scroll down the page.) This sequence of names represents each category where some information in the form of an article or news item is on the site. The size and the boldness of the text in the Article Cloud indicates whether there are many articles or a few articles. Placing your cursor over an interest group (in the sidebar) will show you how many articles are recorded.  If an interest group name is not in this list then there are no articles recorded against them.

By clicking on an Interest Group name in the Article Cloud, this will carry out a search on the site and will list all of the articles in a sequence of screens associated with the category.


Recent News found in the left sidebar
Recent News found in the left sidebar

In the left  sidebar is a Recent News list which displays links to the latest news items. This list is dynamic and is automatically updated as new items are added to the news page. Note these are the same as the items described under Articles, Reports and Minutes. It is just another way of locating them.

Calendar of Events

There is also an events calendar which provides a view of upcoming events. In general the closer an event then the more information is available about it.

Events List
Next Event display in the left sidebar

A summary of the next 5 meetings appears in the left sidebar. This is automatically updated. Click on a coloured rectangle (in the sidebar) to open up a form with more information for the entry.

Each Interest Group also carries a calendar, this calendar is just for the respective interest group and also lists general meetings.

To see everything that is going on there is an events and meetings page. This lists all of the groups. The calendar will look very busy. You can filter the view by selecting the group you are interested in using one of the coloured buttons above the calendar. By selecting one, all of the others will disappear. It will only show meetings relating to that interest group.

Follow this link to go to the Events and Meetings page (close the tab to return to this page).

Search the Site

Site SearchAt the top of the left sidebar is a Search this Site box. You can search the site for anything, but suggest you carefully choose the keywords. For example, to find EVERYTHING on the site that mentions the words “Health and Wellbeing” you would type this into the box and press enter.

What will be returned is a page listing snippets from the site that contain the text “Health and Wellbeing”. This will include the Interest Group Home page and any Articles relating to it, plus anything else where the text appears for example on the Interest Group Index.

Do you need more help? Please contact us if you need any further help with this site.

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