Abstract Photographs and Composition

Another interesting collection of prints today, on the theme of “Abstract”. They generated quite a lot of discussion, and it was fascinating to see how everyone had a different take on the theme.

In the admin. session we discussed whether the skills session in July should be a presentation on the use of Picassa, which has recently been made available for Windows 10. We agreed that, rather than having one person doing a presentation/demo of Picassa, we would have Picassa installed on the laptop and individuals would contribute by showing what they did with the software.

In “Talking About GoD”, we had two Gadgets of the Day:

  •  an eyepiece blanking plate for use on DSLRs. For Canon cameras, this is provided as part of the strap, and is a small rectangle of rubbery plastic. This is used by removing the eyepiece surround from the viewfinder and fitting the blanking plate to cover up the eyepiece. This should be done when the camera is used without the photographer peering through the viewfinder – e.g. when the camera is on a tripod: it prevents light getting in through the viewfinder and upsetting the auto exposure mechanism.
  •  a small stand-alone flashgun which is triggered wirelessly by the flash of the main flashgun on the camera. It can be used to provide fill-in light to prevent strong shadows or to give modelling highlights on hair, etc. (Most flashguns today have this capability of being triggered wirelessly, but the point about the gadget was that it was very small and could be rested on any surface.)

The Skills Session covered composition, and looked at some 8 different guidelines for helping us in composing better pictures. The information used in the presentation can be found in an article in the “More on Photography” page.

In the Photos-on-a-Memory-Stick session we had a special theme – taking a few old photographs from the area and comparing them with new photographs that we took, to see how things have (or have not) changed. This session resulted in a lot of interest and discussion – definitely something we should do again in the future.