Friday 3rd June 2016 Sally welcomed many familiar faces along with new attendees to listen to an interesting talk by Mrs Sandy Marshall who is a representative of Arthritis Care – a UK Charity group offering specialist help and information to people who suffer with the many forms of Arthritis.

Sandy is a sufferer of Rheumatoid Arthritis and has managed the illness since she was 16 years of age – who better than her to give us an insight into the many “real” issues – living with the problems. Briefly there are about 10 milllion people living/coping with arthritis in the UK and of this number, 15,000 are children and young people. There are also over 200 types of arthritis which are all similar in that most people will experience pain and difficulty moving around. Two of the most common are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis.
Gout is also a form of arthritis and there are many ways of treating this with drugs, therapies and management techniques as well as maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise.
There is no actual cure for arthritis but there are many ways of treating the symptoms. Much can be done to protect joints and to keep mobile with drugs, therapies. It has also proved that keeping to a healthy diet and with regular exercise this can aid to a more comfortable being.
Sandy directed us to the website of Arthritis Care – which has a vast amount of information and worth visiting especially if you are either a newly diagnosed patient or a long suffering patient. However Sandy insisted that many people adjust to life with arthritis and whilst some do have varying problems, including pain and mobility, others go on to lead a full and active life. The pain doesn’t go away but is managed. She also highlighted that new drugs are becoming available and much work is being done. The website is a good source of information and is very informative. Sandy stressed that the sufferer need not feel alone – help and support, guidance and practical support is available.
Contact the helpline : 0808  800 4050.
Following our interesting afternoon Sally gave out notices –
SEPTEMBER is Health & Wellbeing for Tea making at the main meeting – more helpers are needed !
Programmes for those without computers, were handed out