Aspects of Italy April 2013

2013 – 04

At our April meeting, whilst enjoying our coffee break, we watched a short DVD on Florence, no dialogue, just background music and many street scenes together with exteriors and interiors of buildings from the beautiful city which is Florence.

This was followed by Danni Wootton giving a brief introduction to the life and work of Raphael, an Italian Renaissance painter. .Born in Urbino in 1483, the son of a painter, he trained under Perugino in Perugia before moving to Florence and being influenced there by Leonardo and Michelangelo. He painted numerous Madonnas before decorating the papal apartments in the Vatican with frescoes. He painted his Patron, Pope Julius II and later designed tapestries for the Sistine Chapel

Unfortunately this talented painter died young in 1520 and it was rumoured his way of life might have been responsible.

This introduction was followed by a DVD which illustrated many of Raphael’s paintings and explained in detail their composition, including sketches of the figures which became part of the paintings themselves.

A very interesting insight into the background of this famous Renaissance painter, made more so by Danni’s interesting prelude.