August meeting – Lindengate

Charlie Powell and Sian Chattel gave us a brilliant talk about Lindengate the social and therapeutic health charity that opened in November 2014 on a 5-acre old allotment site next to the Wyevale Garden Centre in Wendover.  Lindengate offers a wide range of gardening/horticultural opportunities and other activities such as arts and crafts and cookery so that people with mental health needs can spend time in a managed, calm and safe environment working towards recovery. They recounted why and how Lindengate was set up and the fantastic progress that had been made in the nine months since it opened.  It was very exciting to hear how their invaluable work had gained tremendous support in the form of donations of money, practical help and volunteering. We were told how they planned to expand the facilities and how we might become involved in their work.  Charlie and Sian had brought us some lovely produce from the gardens for which they asked for donations.  A very inspiring afternoon.