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Report Current Affairs 5th March 2018

Because of ill health the meeting was only sparsely attended with 6 members present and Brenda leading.  Brenda had received notice from 2 members who wished to resign and had invited those on the waiting list.

Discussion was far ranging, starting with the proposed extension of parking restrictions here in Risborough and the worry that despite the benefit to residents there would be problems in finding anywhere to park if these new restrictions take place.  A public meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 7th March at St Mary’s Church Hall. Continue reading Report Current Affairs 5th March 2018


Report – Current Affairs 4 Dec 2017

9 members attended the meeting.   It was Brenda’s annual Current Affairs quiz and our brains were stimulated by a lovely spread of nibbles provided by our leader, Judith Power.   Attached is the quiz which tested members’ knowledge of events that had occurred during the previous month.   Have a go and see how many questions you can answer – no prizes and the answers will be published in January!

Sadly, due to continued ill-health Judith Power has decided to resign as co-chair of our group.  Is there anyone who would like to volunteer to share the responsibility of organising meetings?

Current Affairs Quiz – December 2017

Happy Christmas – Brenda Willett


Current Affairs Report – 6 November 2017

  1. Apologies for absence were received from seven members. Two members have resigned.
  2. Update on our request for a speaker from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. We have completed their booking form, and have suggested dates of either 4th June 2018 or 2nd July 2018. More news next time.
  3. We talked about other options for meetings, including Medical Detection Dogs , a visit from the Fire Prevention Service, a discussion on recycling. More of these in the New Year.

Continue reading Current Affairs Report – 6 November 2017


Current Affairs Report October 2017

11 members attended and two apologies were received.

The focus of today’s meeting was ‘Myself when Young’, our first careers. A great deal of fun and enthusiasm, and we learned a lot about each other. Some of us would follow the same career path again, even though the qualifications needed would probably have changed. Others among us would try another career, or develop one followed in later life.  We heard about life in a path lab, in a library, in a bank, in a Special Needs school, in the Bank of England, in a Planning Department, in the secretarial department of an Iron Works, in Africa, in The Print, in Interior Design, in the WRAF, and lots of other fascinating bye ways and opportunities. We heard about bans on married women being employed, on married women being debarred from working in the same office as their husbands, but also examples of equal pay as the norm – a battle still being fought today. Continue reading Current Affairs Report October 2017


Report Current Affairs – September 2017

Two apologies were received and one member from the waiting list attended. Nine full members attended.

  • We have cancelled our visit to the Crown Court. When the new Court is ready, we may be able to visit that venue.
  • Today we had a visit from David Jones, Head of Community Focus for BCC and responsible for the Bucks County Library service. He gave us a first-class account of both his history as a librarian, and the present structure of the Bucks Library Service. It is plain that the financial situation both locally and nationally have placed many challenges before the library service. It is equally plain that David Jones and his staff have been creative in facing the challenges. Much remains to be done, but the County Library service is now flourishing, with each individual library having found a model which suits their local needs. We were immensely grateful to David for sparing time to talk to us, in such a positive and humorous way.
  • Next meeting: On 2nd October. We are juggling with possible topics, so will provide details later. The possibilities are that there will be an open meeting on ‘Our previous selves’, so that we each give an account of our early days in our chosen career.

At a future meeting we are to have a visit from a County Councillor, who came to talk to us a while ago, but this will have to be confirmed once his availability is known.


Current Affairs report – 7 August 2017

Eight members attended, and apologies were received from four others. Two members from the waiting list were welcomed.

Details of the September meeting: on 4th September, David Jones, Head of Library Services for Bucks, will come to talk to us about the service.

We discussed whether it was feasible to go ahead with our planned visit to the Aylesbury Crown Court in November, in view of the access problems of the building. The consensus was that it was preferable to cancel this event but explore a visit to the new Crown Court when it opened in 2018. Access issues, we are told, will be resolved. We will pursue this and report back. Continue reading Current Affairs report – 7 August 2017


Current Affairs Report – June 2017

Apologies for absence were received from four members, and two members from the waiting list attended.

We discussed possible outings or subjects for our next meetings. Several subjects are in the pipeline, including the visit to Aylesbury Crown Court, and a possible speaker from Bucks County Council.  There is also a possibility that Brenda will present an item on food recycling.  More on these topics next month. Continue reading Current Affairs Report – June 2017


Current Affairs – April 2017


Three members sent apologies, and two members from the waiting list attended.

We had a discussion about our proposed visit to the Supreme Court. Decision was made that, in view of the travel difficulties, we would explore the possibility of a visit to the Aylesbury Crown Court.

Brenda gave a presentation on plastic waste, and especially on plastic bottles on the sea bed.  We were surprised to learn that the largest firms were not required to recycle their waste. Continue reading Current Affairs – April 2017