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Financial Workshop Presentations

Over the past few month a number of presentations have been given which are attached below.

In March Andy presented a Talk on the People’s Budget looking at the various options available to the Chancellor.

The People‘s’ Budget

In May Noel Austin gave us a talk on Tax, Care and Toy Boys. The latter caused some merriment but became serious with the legal and financial implications of late life marriages being discussed.

Tax Presentation – Sept

In July Andy gave us an update on the options for Brexit which was well received despite all the recent publicity. Again the presentation is attached for interest. This followed up Rt Hon David Liddington’ s marvellous talk on Brexit  last autumn.

Brexit – The Options


Spring Chickens and Shares

The November meeting was re-scheduled from insurance; however we had an extended visit by the Spring Chicken Company showing us useful gadgets for those of an elderly persuasion.

In January, we dealt with Shares and Share Platforms. This session coincided with the new year market melt down, so we looked at options from ” sell everything” from Bankers RBS to the classic strategy of “sit and hold”. Share Platforms are just easy and cheap methods to buy and sell shares.

We finished with a update by member Bob Boulton on how a Share Club worked.


Financial Workshop – Care

We had 2 Guest Speaker for the Care Session in November.

 Yasmine John from Cardiff gave us a comprehensive view on the various aspects of care.

Starting with Assessment, lifestyle, employing care workers, home problems, she reviewed care options and cost issues. She dealt with the new Care Act and the support to be expected from our Local Council or NHS ( not very much).

Richard Scarth from Care UK a local Care Provider gave us Care from a different perspective.

We have a follow up session on May 19th