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History Group – Berlin at War

Under Hitler’s Nose – Jews in Wartime Berlin

Eminent historian Roger Moorhouse provided another fascinating talk to the History Group on 3 November. The success of his previous two talks meant that 75 members came to hear ” Under Hitler’s Nose – Jews in Wartime Berlin”.

History Group
History Group Meeting – Hitler at War

He began by outlining the experiences of Jews in Berlin during the first few years after the Nazis came to power. There was a gradual introduction of ever more restrictive laws governing what work they could do, whom they could meet and where they could go. Continue reading History Group – Berlin at War


History Group visit to Snowshill Manor

36 members visited  Snowshill Manor in Gloucestershire on 6th October.

Snowshill Manor
Snowshill Manor

The main part of Snowshill Manor dates from the 16th century but its main attraction lies in the collection of over 22,000 objects  brought together by Charles Paget Wade in the first half of the 20th century. Wade’s motto was “Let nothing perish” and his overriding interest was craftsmanship. Continue reading History Group visit to Snowshill Manor


History Report – April 2016

April’s talk, entitled “KGB remembered”, was given by former diplomat Keith Muras and focused on his experiences with the KGB during his 3 years in Moscow during the early 1980s, at the height of the Cold War.

He provided some background on the creation of the organisation and outlined its broad structure. The organisation had a huge number of members, but had in addition the support of unpaid informants who worked both overtly and covertly.  Every street and every building was observed 24 hours a day, with foreigners the particular target. He argued that the harassment of foreigners was seen as a potential route to breaking some and turning them in to Soviet spies. Continue reading History Report – April 2016


History Report – February 2016

Recent meetings have included members’ short talks on a variety of topics such as lady explorers, famous battles, an object from home with some history, letters from WW1 and a local author talking about the background to her new novel.

Our Group outing to Sulgrave Manor and Broughton Castle included private tours, which provided us with a wealth of interesting history facts and insights of the owners and the buildings. The home made refreshments were also much enjoyed at both places.

Outside speakers have spoken on topics such as railways around PR, the fascinating story of the Amber Room in St Petersburg, and Berlin at War, life on the home front in wartime Germany, given by the eminent historian Roger Moorhouse, on his second visit to the group.

All are welcome to attend …. we are a very friendly group!”


History Report – September 2015

Recent meetings have included discussion about a variety of topics such as Kings and Princes and the 1980’s with some personal memories from then.

Group participation have included short talks on a “Topic of their choice” and family recollections about the First World War, which proved to be an emotional and informative meeting.

Our Group outing to Windsor Castle in September, included a private tour with the top guide who provided us with a wealth of interesting facts and insights of the people and the history of the castle. Continue reading History Report – September 2015


Day out in Windsor – the History Group – 4 September.

36 members set out by coach and reasonably light traffic meant a fairly early arrival in Windsor, giving everyone the opportunity to spend a pleasant couple of hours wandering around the town. At 1.00 p.m., 28 of us met up at the entrance to the castle for our guided tour, whilst the others simply continued to enjoy their exploration of Windsor. Continue reading Day out in Windsor – the History Group – 4 September.