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Psychology – Feb 2013

Psychology – Stress.

What is Stress?

Two aspects – 1) continued sufferance in a situation which demands too much of already stretched resources, and 2) immediate shock due to an accident or very unwelcome news.

This is usually to do with relationships, family and otherwise OR a job where the parameters are unclear and there are unhelpful colleagues.

Self evident – whether the accident is to ourselves or a loved one, and news perhaps of a threatening illness. Either way we can feel threatened by this to put us into fight or flight mode.

Some people suffer a ‘nervous breakdown’ through inability to cope. If we could view this as a ‘nervous breakthrough’ instead, we can recognise that the body is telling us enough is enough. Professional help and medication may be needed. Therefore we need to recognise our ‘Triggers’ and self help accordingly. Continue reading Psychology – Feb 2013


Psychology – Jan 2013

Meditation – U3A

The health and well being group heard all about the benefits of Meditation last year. Psychology group had already experienced this interesting ‘mind exercise’.

A small group has been meeting weekly in the Information Centre and plan to continue on a fortnightly basis.

Six to eight members is the ideal number for this group, and each meeting is one and half hours long.

So far we have explored health issues, creativity, the purpose of life, and friendships. The method is guided visualisation, based on Freud’s idea of allowing the unconscious to become conscious. This overlaps Jung’s idea of personal consciousness and universal consciousness. All that means is – members listen to a voice or music, and their thought pattern takes up the ‘imaginings’ of the voice. At some point, time allows for personal pathways to be sought, then the group join together, fully conscious and ready to share and discuss the experience.

It may be possible for another group to begin in April if you feel you would like to be part of it, contact June Brazier on 01844-347027.

I must express our appreciation of the helpful ladies in the Information Centre, and the fact it costs nothing to hire the small room.