Coach trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew

The Sunday had been wet and windy, so we were worried that our trip to Kew Gardens on the Monday would also be cold and rainy.  However, we were pleasantly surprised to have a dull, but mostly dry and warm day.  After coffee in the new Orangery Café, some people decided to take the small train for a 45 minute trip round the whole gardens and others strode out in various directions along the broad paths.  The recently re-opened Temperate Glasshouse was superb as were the Palm House and the Princess Diana Glasshouse. The huge variety of plants from all regions of the globe was astonishing and it was easy to see why Kew is regarded as the premier botanic garden in the world.  The borders were still showing lots of colour and it was fascinating to watch the gardeners and horticultural students planting the large beds with huge numbers of winter plants.  The tree walk was superb with autumn leaf colour and it was wonderful to be up in the sweet chestnut tree canopy at the same height as the parakeets and crows eating the fruit. A lovely day to round off our 2018 visits.