Crevelli and Rome

At out April meeting David Woodbridge gave us an insight into the works of the Italian artist Carlo Crevelli who lived in the mid 1400’s.
After the introduction he concentrated on a painting dated 1486 “The Annunciation of St. Emidius” which is the altarpiece painted for the church of SS. Annunziata in Ascoli.
By breaking the painting into sections he demonstrated the different scenes and their significance to the picture as a whole. The painting is a very elaborate work and is painted with the most intricate detail. Due to copyright we are not able to show the painting here but for those interested I recommend visiting the National Gallery Website at
After the break Bob Haworth gave us a talk on Rome. Bob spent some time working in Rome and gave us a tour of the places which interested him most. Several of our members have been to Rome and it certainly revived some very pleasant memories.
At our next meeting we will be welcoming Dawn Cummings who will be talking about Dante’s Florence