Current Affairs – 3rd October 2016

This was our first meeting in our new venue, the Committee Room in the Community Centre, and we were pleased with the room and its facilities.

Seven members attended, and apologies were received from six members. Some of us had seen Jean being interviewed on TV about David Bowie from the viewpoint of the more mature resident. We were all lost in admiration at Jean’s ability to speak off the cuff about one of our local celebrities.

  1. Today we welcomed two speakers from Age UK, who presented a vivid account of their work for this charity. Their knowledge of the charity was inspirational; we all felt in awe of their account of the help they were able to give to those in need and we asked many questions. The speakers provided us all with a range of pamphlets about their work. Sue and Julie were to speak to another group next year, and perhaps also to the main meeting.
  2. Brenda had received an offer for the group to visit a local waste disposal facility.  We were interested in a visit, so Brenda will investigate further. It will probably need to be next Spring.

NB  Brenda has managed to book this visit: it will  be on Monday 6th March 2017 – more details later.