Current Affairs 5th January 2015

Nine members attended, and three apologies were received. There are 13 members of the group and 5 people on the waiting list. We met in our new venue, the Baptist Church.

Brenda reported that Trading Standards would be coming to talk to us, either in February or March. We suggested topics which would be of interest to the group. Brenda also mentioned the forthcoming quiz night, which would be held at St Mary’s Church Hall on Friday, 27 March.

Members had brought items of current interest for discussion, and the resulting conversations were interesting, relevant and good-humoured. They included:

  1. Quarantine for returning medical staff who had been helping in the West African Ebola outbreak, in the light of the serious illness of a nurse. Would a period of quarantine be a reassurance to the public?
  2. Wind turbines, which led to a discussion of the supplies of electricity, and whether there will be enough power in the system in the future.
  3. Fracking, all quiet on the fracking front, perhaps until after the general election.
  4. The news that police had issued a statement saying that they would no longer investigate ‘minor’ crimes committed at weekends. Perhaps this is a response to cuts in police funding, and an effective one.
  5. Should people who attend hospital in a drunken state be made to pay for their treatment in hospital, now that A and E departments were so stretched? In the main we supported the idea.
  6. The BBC had recently broadcast a programme containing criticism of Margaret Thatcher.  A lively discussion ensued, with mixed views among members of the group. This led on to the question of income tax, more lively discussion.
  7. This courier firm had collapsed on Christmas Eve, which we thought was timing which would have caused severe difficulties for employees.
  8. The possible sale of pensions in the light of recent changes in legislation.
  9. On a lighter note, there had been reports of a vet who had carried out an operation on a constipated goldfish, at a cost of £300. Much hilarity!

As promised here are the answers to last months quiz.