Current Affairs – April 2017


Three members sent apologies, and two members from the waiting list attended.

We had a discussion about our proposed visit to the Supreme Court. Decision was made that, in view of the travel difficulties, we would explore the possibility of a visit to the Aylesbury Crown Court.

Brenda gave a presentation on plastic waste, and especially on plastic bottles on the sea bed.  We were surprised to learn that the largest firms were not required to recycle their waste.

We then had a general discussion on a wide range of issues, including:

  • Drones, are they becoming a nuisance or a help in managing our households? Someone must like them, as they were apparently the most popular present last Christmas.
  • Police matters: the police were ignoring burglaries, probably because of the cost of investigating what were seen to be low value crimes.
  • A recent air disaster was said to have been caused by the poor English language skills of the pilot. As English is the international language of the air, this gave some of us cause for concern. One member thought that English examinations for those seeking citizenship was relevant.   We chuckled over recent radio reports of grammar vigilantes – some were even climbing ladders to insert or remove apostrophes.
  • More seriously, members had heard lunchtime news reports of two separate explosions in the St Petersburg metro system. Our friend Donald Trump had volunteered to help sort out the problems of North Korea.
  • Local road works have caused some confusion, as the signage is not clear about which roads will be subject to night time working.
  • The NHS had stated that elective surgery was in danger of becoming limited, due to funding difficulties. One of our members would be in favour of reviewing how sports injuries should be funded, and as for drug users!  No doubt we will return to the NHS, even though one member commented that it was always a different group causing the problems than the group present in the room.

Altogether an interesting, lively meeting, with points of view put forward in a positive, friendly manner.

There is no meeting in May, as it is the Bank Holiday, so the next meeting will be on 5th June