Current Affairs Jan 2013


Brenda started the meeting by wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Two officers (Gary & Claire) from the local police force were present and Brenda introduced them to the members.

Following on from our November meeting when we had discussed the election of Police Crime Commissioners the group were keen to hear the police opinion of the role. Gary gave a very frank and informative account of the process as they understood it, the police service did not seem anymore enlightened on the subject than the general public, and Gary thought it would be 2-3 years before there were any discernable changes.

Having exhausted that subject we then moved on tot questions on local policing in the Risborough area. The Risborough area is a very low crime area and makes up for only about 1% of the crime rate of the Thames Valley Police (TVP). There is a concern that the reduction in crime rate will lead to a reduction in staff, Risborough station currently has 4 full time and 2 part time officers and 2 part time PCSOs. This station does cover a wider area than Risborough district.

Gary pointed out areas of crime of which we may not be aware, such as gadgets fitted to ATMs to obtain card details, fraudulent £1.00 coins and £20.00 notes, also the type of distraction burglaries that are occurring in the High Street.

ASB is not a great problem in the area and officers do try to react quickly, with yellow/red card system to stamp out any incidents. They are also trying to discourage indiscriminate parking.

Gary urged members to attend one of the regular ‘Have your say’ sessions which are held at M&S Tesco or in the High Street. Dates for these are published in the Police Newsletters. He also suggested that, if we had not already done so, we register with the TV Crime alerts service which will send out alerts of any known incidents in the area.

A very worthwhile session, enjoyed by all present, and Brenda thanked Gary and Claire for their time, and said how encouraging it was to see them around the town and visiting meetings to keep in touch with the local community.

Our meeting on 4th February will concentrate on discussion of International issues, so please bring something of interest to discuss.