Current Affairs – November 2014

Eleven members attended and one apology was received.

Brenda gave several notices:

  • those wishing to attend the December monthly general meeting,( the Christmas Party), on 9th December, are asked to let June Brazier know; this will assist in catering arrangements. Further details are on the U3A website.
  • There will be two meetings about primary care in the NHS. These two- hourly meetings will both be held in the Baptist Church hall on Thursday, 6th November, at 3pm and 6pm respectively. Just turn up, no tickets needed.
  • We need to find a new venue for our meetings. Brenda had done some research into possible venues and their costs. After discussion we decided on the small meeting room in the Baptist Church. This will be from our January meeting and will be at the same time and day as now.
  • Our next meeting is on 1st December, and will take the traditional form of Brenda’s Christmas Quiz.
  • A suggest for possible speaker was the local Trading Standards Officer. Brenda will investigate.

  1. Our main discussion today was around issues contained in the ‘Inform’ magazine. Brenda distributed extra copies, and the publication led to much discussion and a positive reaction. Joyce offered to try to get a speaker from Health Watch Bucks, which we agreed.
  2. The general election next May was mentioned. It is likely to be a particularly interesting election.
  3. One of our recurring topics arose –the question of immigration.
  4. We felt that the UK had done well in the recent Ebola appeal, compared to other nations. We were modestly proud of this.
  5. Other topics which arose included a discussion:
  • the difference between the state retirement pension and superannuation. Usually superannuation has an element of choice, where an employer offers a pension scheme which an employee may choose to accept or reject. This is the position now, as far as we know, but it could change later.
  • the Scottish referendum again, and wondered whether the Scots would request another poll at a later date.
  • Sue told us about further planning meetings, to be held on Friday 28 Nov from 3.30 to 8.30. and Saturday 29 Nov from 10.30 to 5pm at the Community Centre. The focus is on the potential expansion of the town of Princes Risborough.

As mentioned above, our next meeting will be on 1st December and will be Brenda’s Christmas Quiz.