Current Affairs Report 5th November 2018

8 members and 2 visitors were present.

Brenda welcomed Pamela Haytor, a Community Officer for Natwest Bank, to the meeting .  She was with us to talk about ‘Friends Against Scams’.  We were all looking forward to Ern about how to stay safe and avoid getting caught by scams.  Pamela started by showing a video of the types of scams and the common incidents were people can get caught.

There are four main types:

  • Phone
    • Caller could disguise their vice to sound like someone else
    • Use suitably convincing one or language
    • Impersonate a police officer
    • Have information which sounds genuine
    • Get you to call back
  • Doorstep caller
    • A genuine caller will never ask for money.
    • If you are concerned phone the organisation and check authenticity. Do not invite into the house while you check.
  • Postal
    • These can appear very convincing
    • Check with company that they are genuine
  • Email
    • If you are suspicious never click on a link
    • Do not reply
    • Contact the company to check if genuine
    • Before divulging personal information always check in address bar of a website that there is a padlock symbol and the address starts ‘https://’
    • Forward suspicious emails to bank ‘phishing’ email address –

Pamela sited several examples where people had been fooled.  If yo have any concerns on any of the above issues always contact the police on 101.

There was plenty of opportunity for questions.

Brenda thanked Pamela for most informative, if somewhat worrying talk, and the biscuits she brought.   Pamela is in the Library most Tuesday mornings from to 12 noon and as well as seeing her concerning Natwest Bank issues, she is happy to advise on potential scams.

She encouraged us all to join Friends Against Scams

There is another chance to hear Pamela again when she attends Andy Melville Jackson’s Financial Workshop on 15th January 2019