Current Affairs Report – 6 November 2017

  1. Apologies for absence were received from seven members. Two members have resigned.
  2. Update on our request for a speaker from Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. We have completed their booking form, and have suggested dates of either 4th June 2018 or 2nd July 2018. More news next time.
  3. We talked about other options for meetings, including Medical Detection Dogs , a visit from the Fire Prevention Service, a discussion on recycling. More of these in the New Year.

We had a Round Robin today, with our usual lively interest in the topics presented. Numbers attending were low (only six people came) so we had plenty of time for the consideration of each subject. We talked about Wellington House’s request for each family member registering on the website to be registered separately; until now families had been able to register as a unit. The practice was now known as Unity Health, or was it Evergreen Health? Doubtless those who need to know will be informed.

It seems that a number of Marks and Spencer stores are to close, in favour of the M and S Food shops. Also Lloyds Pharmacy may close, as the town has two Lloyds within a short distance of each other.

A topic in the news in the last few days is sexual harassment. Views were divided; were people ‘ jumping on the bandwagon’ or were they finally finding the courage to say ‘me too’. And where should the boundaries of acceptable behaviour be placed? No answers but an interesting discussion.

We then talked about organ donation. The Welsh system is that people are deemed on their death to have given their consent to the donation of their organs, while our system is that we must explicitly specify that we have consented to donate our organs. Some thought that this model helped relatives come to terms with the death of a loved-one. No consensus, but an interesting debate.

Trans-gender patients were in the news recently. Was it in the interests of young people to give them this option before they perhaps had the necessary maturity to take  life-altering steps?

Should it be accepted that Supreme Court judges disclose their political affiliations, so that the bench could be politically balanced, as is the case in the USA. We hoped that this would not happen here.

Finally, the issue of food packaging was discussed. Did we truly need all this paper and plastic packaging, although sometimes  we felt  some was essential, to protect something just purchased from the rain and dirt. A good topic for another debate, we agreed.

Date of next meeting is 4th December, and don’t forget, it is Brenda’s famous quiz.