Current Affairs report – 7 August 2017

Eight members attended, and apologies were received from four others. Two members from the waiting list were welcomed.

Details of the September meeting: on 4th September, David Jones, Head of Library Services for Bucks, will come to talk to us about the service.

We discussed whether it was feasible to go ahead with our planned visit to the Aylesbury Crown Court in November, in view of the access problems of the building. The consensus was that it was preferable to cancel this event but explore a visit to the new Crown Court when it opened in 2018. Access issues, we are told, will be resolved. We will pursue this and report back.

Agrivert – Anaerobic Digestor.  Brenda introduced a short film produced by Agrivert and led a discussion. This organisation processes food and green waste for use as renewable power. 60,000 tonnes per year can be produced, either in vessels or outdoors in ‘Windrows’. In the indoor process, the heat generated is such that weed seeds are destroyed, then the product is left in the open air for a time, before it is screened and graded for sale, mostly to agricultural markets and to local residents for fertilisers and soil improvers.

More information is available on the internet –   You can sign up for regular updates on this new sustainable method of meeting our need for power. We mentioned one of the older recycling strategies – recycling of paper. Is this still around?  More information needed!

Members’ slot: as usual this was a lively discussion, with a variety of topics covered, including a recent TV programme on Princess Diana; the views of teenagers on their future.   In general their views were thought to be mature and sensible). Data protection issues were causing concern, with even organisations such as U3A having to take account of privacy matters. We talked sadly about baby Charlie Gard, though solutions are hard to find. Health and Safety raised its head again, as it is wont to do. Again no solutions, though Brexit may alter perceptions for some. North Korea continues to be a cause of worry, as does the continual tendency in the USA to change staff at least once a week. Gay Pride was of concern – was it all getting too much, especially in the BBC, should a decorous silence be a more dignified response?  We are in the middle of the IAFF World Athletic Championships, so discussion on ‘drugs cheats’ was relevant. Should they be banned for life, or is the present policy of a term of years be enough to mark society’s displeasure? A life ban seemed to reflect our view.

Date of next meeting : Monday, 4th September, at 2.30 in the Committee Room of the Community Centre.