Current Affairs Report – August 2016

  1. Eight members attended and apologies were received from four.
  2. Brenda had heard from the manager of Marks and Spencer that a Community Relations manager had been appointed, and he (or she)may be available to talk to us at our next meeting.
  3. Judith spoke about the Chilcot Report, then we had discussions on recent events in the news, including the Honours list, which had caused some controversy; the appropriate use of the overseas development fund; Chinese influence in our public life; the proposed ban on Russian athletes from the forthcoming Olympic games; do we women like to be addressed as ‘guys’, and a recent meeting on housing plans. All in all a lively meeting.
  4. Our next meeting will be on 5th September, in the Baptist Church. This will be our last meeting in the church, before we move to the Community Centre. Two apologies have been received.


Judith Power  02 August 2016