Current Affairs Report – February 2018

8 members and one visiting member were present.

Brenda gave out notices at the beginning of the meeting and asked for a volunteer to write-up reports for the website and also for a member to share the responsibility of running the group.  There were no offers for either request.

Brenda had posed 4 topics to the group for discussion at the meeting.:

  • Is he insane, or a spoilt child?  Discuss
    We discussed a range of issues, reviewing President Trump’s first year in office

    1. Fire and Fury – Brenda and Joyce were the only members who have started reading the book
    2. Christopher Steele and the Russian dossier – will Trump be called before the Mueller’s ?
    3. The involvement of ‘Jarvanka’ – the team of daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner
    4. How dangerous is his finger on the ‘red button’
    5. Provocative action of moving the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
    6. Response to gun control laws

AMERICA FIRST – should this be the mantra of any nation?

  • With the imminent start of the Winter Olympics in S Korea, what is Kim Jong-Un’s intentions?
  • How healthy is the NHS? Cause and effect discussed:
    1. Advances in medicine mean greater expenditure on expensive diagnostic equipment
    2. Population living longer as a result of improved health care
    3. Foreigners taking advantage of FREE health care
    4. Drunks taken off the street to sleep off effects in specialised units
    5. Sports injuries required to pay for treatment
    6. Pay to visit GP
    7. Increased cost and burden of administration
    8. Nurses do not require university degrees
    9. Why do we stop paying NI at retirement age? Should we pay a tax which is ring-fenced for Health and Social Care.


  • What are you doing to cut-down use of plastics?

We were all agreed that David Attenborough’s programme ‘The Blue Planet’ had a massive effect on highlighting the destruction that is being done to the marine environment by waste plastic.  We discussed:

  1. the scourge of take-away cups
  2. the feasibility of charging 10p on plastic bottles
  3. less packing in general, or using bio-degradable materials where possible
  4. unwrapping food items at the supermarket for them to dispose in an environmentally friendly manner

All together a lively and stimulating meeting.   Our next meeting is Monday 5th March and Brenda posed the question – ‘Does Loyalty Pay?’   Members were asked to shop-around to compare the monthly charges/annual premiums they pay versus similar services.