Current Affairs Report – June 2017

Apologies for absence were received from four members, and two members from the waiting list attended.

We discussed possible outings or subjects for our next meetings. Several subjects are in the pipeline, including the visit to Aylesbury Crown Court, and a possible speaker from Bucks County Council.  There is also a possibility that Brenda will present an item on food recycling.  More on these topics next month.

We ere asked to consider stand-out issues for the forthcoming General Election, due in a few days’ time, these included:nurses’ pay and Brexit

  • how we might tackle terrorism – a topical subject in view of the recent tragedies in London and Manchester
  • the scandalous waste of fish when a significant part of a catch has to be discarded as part of the EU rules on acceptable catches (will the eventual leaving of the EU help in our quest to alter the rules which make such a policy mandatory, or will the rules if not our membership remain in place ?)
  • the issue of immigration
  • our security and the level of safe policing needed – two members raised this as their stand-out issue
  • teachers – their salaries, working hours and conditions
  • are ‘bobbies on the beat’ an essential part of our security system?  Is internment an option to ensure our safety
  • another stand-out issue for one of our members is the British voting system – would a system of proportional representation allow citizens to feel more adequately represented?
  • Another important stand-out issue for one of us is the recently-emerging ground rent controversy
  • the triple lock for pensioners had at least one advocate. All in all a lively, good humoured discussion with everyone contributing.

After all this we had a further exchange of views. Issues raised were :

  • how younger people spend their money verses budgeting patterns for the older generation, will young people ever be able to afford to purchase a house, and if not, is renting just as good?
  • Do nurses actually need degrees to be a caring person capable of bringing excellent care to people who are ill, in pain or distressed?
  • One of our members alerted us to a new form of scam telephone calls, which sounded quite threatening. We were reminded that Action Fraud was a useful resource.
  • Then, unusually for our largely female group, we had a discussion about National Service, and much swapping of stories from those halcyon days.
  • Finally, given that this is general election week and we live in the constituency of Mr Speaker, we talked about his role. No firm conclusion, but if he had been listening he may have blushed at his level of approval.

Our next meeting is on 3rd July. More details of the subject will be notified.