Current Affairs Report October 2017

11 members attended and two apologies were received.

The focus of today’s meeting was ‘Myself when Young’, our first careers. A great deal of fun and enthusiasm, and we learned a lot about each other. Some of us would follow the same career path again, even though the qualifications needed would probably have changed. Others among us would try another career, or develop one followed in later life.  We heard about life in a path lab, in a library, in a bank, in a Special Needs school, in the Bank of England, in a Planning Department, in the secretarial department of an Iron Works, in Africa, in The Print, in Interior Design, in the WRAF, and lots of other fascinating bye ways and opportunities. We heard about bans on married women being employed, on married women being debarred from working in the same office as their husbands, but also examples of equal pay as the norm – a battle still being fought today.

There were a few members who could not attend, so we will begin our next meeting with those, and go on to our Round Robin. Please bring an item of interest to the group.

We are hoping to have a talk from the Hearing Dogs. It may be possible to go to Saunderton to see the dogs, or it may be at our usual venue. Plenty of time to arrange, as it is likely to take place in June or July next year.

Date of next meeting:  Monday, 6th Nov, at 2.30pm in the Committee Room at the Community Centre.