Financial Workshop – Recent Meetings

The Workshop does not just cover financial aspects but a wide variety of subjects of interest to members. Over the last six months we have had guest speakers on:

Tue 19 May – Care – We were delighted to have a follow up session on Care by Ann Whitely (Carers Bucks Service Manager) Ann addressed the personal and local aspects of care both in the community and within a residence. She dealt with the practical aspects of employing carers, and the help that they can offer within the home. We looked at various methods to finance care, outlining many drawbacks and problems.
Clearly there was never just one solution as all circumstances were different.

Tue 21 Jul – Family Law – We were particularly lucky to have Betsy Williams a local Wycombe Solicitor specializing in Family Law. We touched on Wills, IHT, Lasting Powers of Attorney, trusts and property; but this was a great opportunity for us to quiz a specialist in Family Law. Arthur Edwards kindly agreed to host this session. Sadly there was insufficient time to deal with all your questions, so I have asked Betsy to do another session next year.

Tue 15 Sept – Tax with Andrew. Sadly Andrew couldn’t find a ‘friendly Tax Inspector’ for this session, so a bit of homework was required. We dealt with Tax evasion and avoidance, tax free allowances, new dividend rules and interest taxation arrangements. We now understand our Tax Code and the reduction in the Government Guarantee for Bank Accounts.