Food and Wine March 2014

Our meeting commenced with a discussion regarding our future programmes and Eileen requested volunteers to help with some of the events.

Geoff then read out some interesting facts he had read in the papers during the last month regarding Food and Wine.

Elaine was our speaker this month and she had prepared a selection of six products, each one had two plates with the same item purchased from two different shops. We had to taste each product and mark them, out of five, for appearance, taste and texture. This proved to be an interesting exercise which involved much discussion between members.

Elaine collected our marks and during the tea brake worked out the average for each product. After tea Elaine discussed the result of her calculations which were very interesting.

At ths point a television crew from ITN News at Ten descended upon us. They wanted to know our thoughts on the Budget which had been announced that afternoon and favoured pensioners. This proved a little difficult as no-one had heard the Budget as our meeting started at 2.00 p.m. However, they filmed some of the members gathered around the food table Elaine had used.

The film they took did appear on the news that evening together with one of the Short Mat Bowls Group who were playing in the main hall.

Our meeting in April will be Cookery Demonstration by Sandra Webb, of the XP Support Group, and she will show us how to use those exotic vegetables we often see but may not know how to use.

Cynthia George