Food & Wine – April 2017

Easter Celebrations

Geoff opened the meeting by reminding everyone that he and Eileen had been running the Food and Wine Group since October 2013, and they would now appreciate some help from members.

He suggested that a committee of three people should be formed to arrange the tea and coffee requirements. A volunteer to find suitable restaurants for meals out and also someone to arrange the outings to places of interest.

Elaine, Avril and Eileen then gave interesting and informative talks on the subject of Easter Celebrations.

English Wine Week starts later next month so we’ll be finding out a bit about this exciting new market. English wines have come on by leaps and bounds over recent years and can now give some French labels a run for their money!  Richard Baker and Phil Gander will be leading us through this interesting subject.

We are a very friendly group so please come along to our meetings.

Cynthia George