Food & Wine – July 2016

Ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt

On one of the hottest days of the summer, we had the ideal subject for our group this afternoon – ice cream  sorbet and frozen yoghurt.

Jenny Robinson and Elaine Brown started the proceedings by giving us a brief history of  ice cream. 

China was the first country to have ice cream, but only available to the rich.  Marco Polo brought the ice cream back to Europe from China but it was kept as a secret in England. King Charles the second first served ice cream in 1671 at the banquet feast of St. George, but only to his table. France, however, sold the product to the general public.  In the USA in 1744 it was only available to the upper classes until 1800 when it became available to the wealthy.

The hand cranked churn appeared in 1843 in the UK and USA. and in 1888 the first cornets became available.  In 1923 the Walls ice cream bicycle appeared on the streets and by 1930 ice cream was sold in shops. During the second world war in only the troops had access to this treat.

Several of our  members made a selection of ice creams and sorbets for us to taste which was very welcome on such a warm day.

After tea was served Geoff completed the afternoon with his usual interesting and informative items that he had found in the newspapers.

Click the link if you would like to read some of the Recipes.

Cynthia George