Food & Wine June 2015

The A to Z of food and drink

Eileen and Geoff were on holiday at the time of this meeting, but before they left they gave the members a challenge.  They printed an A to Z and asked members to pick a letter of their choice and put their name against it.  They then had to research an unusual food or wine commencing with that letter and give a two minute presentation. 

Not every letter was taken so Elaine Brown, who ran the meeting, filled in the blanks.

A Afternoon Tea Elaine B Banana Elaine
C Crustaceans Elaine D Dukka Elaine
E Eccles Cake Elaine F Fujitas Elaine
G Guacamole Elaine  H Haggis Janet
 I Isinglass Michael  J Jerk Chicken Richard
 K Kleftiko Frank L Lemington Gill
 M Melon Dick N Nutmeg Shirley
 O Offal Elaine P Pierogi Cynthia
 Q  _ _ _ Mary DNA  R Redicho Pat
 S Sherbet Marion G T Tzatziki  Elaine
U Ugly fruits Elaine V Vichyssoise Rosemary
W Wasabi Wendy Y Yogurt Marion B
Z _ _ _ Brendan DNA

Several people brought samples of their letter choice and these were enjoyed with our tea or coffee.

We would like to thank Elaine for standing in for Eileen and helping to make it a fun afternoon where we learnt about some new foods.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, 15th July, when Gill Seels will talk about The History of Soup and members will bring along cold soups they have made.

Cynthia George