Food & Wine – June 2016


Geoff started the afternoon with his usual snippets from the press during the past month. Members had been asked to recall any special memories regarding food and wine.

Eileen and Elaine both had fond memories of cooking with their mothers when young and Elaine had a special memory of putting her greasy fingers on the suede shoes of her smartly dressed uncle. He was not amused.

Frank recalled a food parcel which his family received from Canada after the war, while Britain was still suffering rationing restrictions.  Dick and Michael remembered special meals they had enjoyed.  When he was a youngster Dick was taken to a restaurant in the Burlington Arcade and was fascinated by all the foods on a trolley  brought to the table.  Michael spoke about a visit to a restaurant in Norway and it was here that he first tasted reindeer.

Janet remembered that when she was first married her husband kept telling her that his mother made the most beautiful sponge puddings and finally she decided to follow the instructions in the cookery book and make one.  It was a total disaster as she had forgotten to add the raising agent.  She has never tried to make another one in over fifty years of marriage!!!

Margaret and Don remembered a family walk where they stopped at a farm for tea and had delicious scones and cream.  They also had tales of being given tripe to eat with various sauces.

Richard spoke about the time a group of friends went on holiday to France.  The men decided they would treat the ladies one day and set about buying and preparing the food for smoked fish crêpes followed by bread and butter pudding soaked in brandy, wine and whisky.  Needless to say it was a very enjoyable evening.  Richard thinks he must be the only person ever to take a crêpe pan from home all the way to France.

The afternoon finished with tea and coffee together with melting moments, banana bread, fudge and butterfly cakes.

Ice cream will be the subject for our meeting in July.

Cynthia George