Food & Wine – June 2017

Soft & semi-soft cheeses

On the hottest day of the year (30 degrees) the Food and Wine Group discussed soft and semi soft cheeses. Marion Gander and Eileen Heyes gave very interesting talks on the subject and we tasted a selection of cheeses, some of which Eileen had made.

The cheeses we discussed were:  Brie and  Camembert which are made from cow, goat or sheep milk and  Roquefort  a soft blue cheese.  Also discussed were  Golden Cross and Stinking Bishop (developed in Gloucester in 1994) Quark, Cottage cheese, Mozzarella (which is made from Buffalo Milk) and Ricotta.   Lymeswold  was first produced in 1982 but finished in 1992.

For our June meeting please bring something you have grown, made or bought, which should contain at least one major ingredient with a strong local connection. We hope to have a meal from your offerings together with  local beer and soft drinks.

If you are going to the meal in August please bring your menu choice together with the appropriate cheque made payable to Risborough U3A Social Account.

Cynthia George