Food & Wine – March 2016

Saints Days of the British Isles

Geoff opened the afternoon with a selection of snippets he picked up in the press.  Avril then gave a very interesting and informative talk about St. George, St. Patrick, St. Andrew and St. David.


As the next day was St. Patrick’s Day Geoff then concentrated on food and drink available in Ireland namely Farmhouse Cheese, Sea Food, Smoked Salmon, Lamb and Breads.  Ireland makes 200 different varieties of Whiskey.  They drink more Tea than any other country and also produce Apple Juice, Cider, Gin and, of course, Guinness.

Arthur Guinness was born in 1725. He became an Irish Brewer and founded the Guinness Brewery.  At 27 in 1752 he inherited £100 from his god father which he invested and In 1759 he obtained a  9000 year lease at a location in St. James Gate where he commenced brewing a dark beer then called Porter.  He used the waterways to transport the ale to London in 1799. The Brewery remained in the Guinness family and In 1927 Rupert Guinness took over the brewery.  In 1959 the 200th anniversary of the opening of the brewery was celebrated. In 1988 the beer was sold in cans with ‘widgets’ for the first time.

Members brought along items made from British produce which we enjoyed with our afternoon tea.

Irene brought Apple Juice made from apples grown in her garden.
Avril made Leek and Potato Soup.
Rosemary made a lovely Bara Brith.
Elaine made Ploughman’s Scones.
Gill made a Guinness Chocolate Cake.
Geoff made Guinness and Caraway Seed Bread.
Eileen made Cheese Muffins.
Cynthia made Scones with Strawberry Jam and Cornish Clotted Cream.


Our next meeting will be on 20th April when wine on a budget will be discussed (with maybe a few tastings) and some appropriate nibbles and in May we hope to visit an Asparagus Farm.

Cynthia George