Food & Wine – March 2018

Eggs – not just for breakfast

Geoff started with his usual interesting snippets taken from the newspapers during the past month.  We then moved on to our main theme – eggs.         

Elaine Brown began with the history of eggs starting from 3200 BC.  Marian Gander then told us about the colour of some shells – blue, brown, green, white, cream and pink. Egg shells may be used in various ways when crushed such as a kitchen cleaner, drain clearer,  around the roots of tomato plants. and slug control.

Tasters, which we had with our tea or coffee were:  A potato salad with quails eggs made by Avril, meringues by Rosemary and a cake made by Eileen using duck eggs.

Next month we’ll be taking a look at celebrity chefs and how they have influenced us over the years.

Cynthia George