Food & Wine – May 2017

English Wines

Geoff gave his usual summary of items relating to food or wine he found in the press recently.  He then appealed for more people to help with the organisation of the group and the members have responded well.

Three people have volunteered to be Planning Helpers – Elaine Brown, Jenny Robinson and Avril Neighbour.  Elaine will also be organising our visits throughout the year and Michael George will be arranging  meals out. Finally Jenny Brown has agreed to organise tea and coffee.

English Wines were the subject for this month.  Richard Baker and Phil Gander spoke about the history of wines grown in this country.  The Romans were the first to introduce vines, but in the eighth century the Vikings destroyed them.  In the tenth century the monks replanted the vineyards and there are now 502 in Great Britain.  We were given tastings of wine from two local vineyards including a red, a white and a sparkling.

The subject for our June meeting is Soft and semi-soft Cheeses.  Soft cheeses come in many varieties with aromas ranging from fragrant to highly pungent.  We will be delving into the background and even making some of our own for you to try.

Cynthia George