Food & Wine – November 2016


After a quick look at a couple of news items, including a coffee shop in Manchester which charges 6p a minute (coffees, cakes and wi-fi included),  the meeting moved on to its main theme, the world of liqueurs. 

Jenny Boorer kicked things off with an interesting overview of the origin of various different types of  liqueur and members were invited to bring along their favourite examples and tell us a bit about them and why they liked them.  These included limoncello from southern Italy and limoncino  from the north, Grand Marnier, Tia Maria, Amaretto and Plum Vodka, one of Jenny’s favourites. Gill Seels provided us with some splendid Cassis Prosecco Kir and Ron Blake brought along a bottle  of Danziger Goldwasser, a very strong German liqueur which he has had for many years. A couple of members were even brave enough to try it!

Danziger Goldwasser
Danziger Goldwasser

Obviously we couldn’t sample the liqueurs without something to nibble on and as usual our members rallied to the occasion with cassis-flavoured soft fruits with panacotta, limoncello tiramisu and an apple, raisin and amaretto strudel.


Next Time

Our next meeting on 21 December will be our Christmas buffet, this year with an Italian theme. We will be joined by Music Appreciation for this one and as it’s so close to Christmas we’ll be keeping it simple, serving a hearty soup with bread,  followed by cheeses and desserts. With a bit of luck there could be some Italian wine as well!

Geoff Heyes