Gardening Group March meeting – “How to make compost in 3 months”

Hoss muck, (horse manure) liquid fish (exactly that!) and Remin (volcanic rock dust) were all introduced to us by Mick Poultney as a means of making our plants grow better.  What an interesting and highly entertaining talk he gave the 52 attendees on how to make compost in 3 months. Our normal ideas were brushed aside as Mick told us not use the aerated and heat method of composting making, but to encourage the compost worms to do the job for us.  Nearly all types of waste paper, card, and food were all to be chopped up and added as well as lots of water and some natural additives so that the population of worms would thrive. In his inimitable Black Country style, Mick gave us lots of advice which we could follow to make the best compost ever!  A great number of questions at the end, kept the interest going well after the normal speaker’s time and together with a sale of some of Mick’s unusual products and a raffle we just managed to finish by 4.00pm!