Health and Wellbeing – diabetes

On a beautiful Spring Day (4th March) Sally welcomed fewer members but also two new members who had come along.
Our talk this afternoon was by Terry Boreham from Diabetes UK  (Aylesbury Vale Area) who gave us a very interesting and informative talk regarding diabetes and its sufferers. H.G.Wells  had diabetes and was a founder member of the Charity which was  set up in  1934.
Terry then went through some interesting facts and figures – 1 in 16 persons in the UK have Diabetes although there are many who are undiagnosed and may never be !
Type 1 = early onset diabetes. These persons do not produce insulin.
Type 2 = late onset. Some sufferers as early as 7 years from  Afro-Caribbean ethnicity and others are diagnosed.

10% of the NHS budget is spent on Diabetes (£10bn per year !) on drugs, clinics and not least awareness and support – important factors for all. 24,000 people die each year from Diabetes and it must be managed with important checks throughout. There are many side effects following on from having diabetes (leg ulcers, gangrene, limb amputation, nerve endings, kidney, blindness, cardiovascular problems) and checks must not be“skipped”. Self help and being aware of problems can help with weight loss, cholesterol checks, diet and exercise on a regular basis.
Sadly there is no cure and males more than females are sufferers. Terry also stressed that both Type 1 and Type 2 are life threatening and may need to be managed with daily blood sugar testing to avoid “hypers” or “hypos” whenblood glucose rises too high or drops too low. Regular check ups are necessary.   Problems with the DVLA may also be encountered by drivers on medication and eye problems.
Roadshows/Care Events highlighting Diabetes are planned and any persons can attend (15/16 April in High Wycombe) and a Dietician, Risk Assessor and other help will be in attendance – all welcome !) Check the Diabetes UK  web site for other local planned events  or telephone 0345 123 2399.
A very interesting and emotive subject – I think we all learned how important it is to look after ourselves at all times especially Diabetes sufferers !
A cup of tea was the order of the day ! Sally gave out Notices and thanked everyone for coming.
PS Diabetes UK has a list of the vital health checks and services that everyone with diabetes – whatever type – should be getting from their healthcare team at least once a year.