Health & Wellbeing June 2013

Friday 7th June 2013

We had a good audience for our Health and Wellbeing meeting and welcomed Julia Adam (BAFHP MCFHP Dip FHT MAFHP) practising under the name of “Feet Treat” and based at the Cross Keys Surgery, Princes Risborough.

Although based at the Surgery any person can attend for treatment, without being referred on by a Doctor. Julia told us that initially she had trained as a Nurse/Midwife and then had a career change and trained in Chiropody. She accepted that this had been a strange change but came about as a result of her not being able to seek out a Chiropodist for herself !

Julia explained that Foot Health is so important for our wellbeing and that feet are more often than not, neglected by a high percentage of us. She feels that this neglect is detrimental to our general wellbeing and that a visit to a Specialist at least once/twice a year should be encouraged.

On a first visit our medical history including our medication and our general health would initially be discussed (heart problems, diabetic, ulcers, drugs taken etc). The various side effects with drugs, can also give us foot problems and these are particularly evident for diabetes sufferers. Julia undertakes a host of tasks relative to feet including corns, callouses, verrucas, athletes foot, fungal nail infections, ingrown toe nails, nail cutting, nail care, mediPed and Biomechanics.

She also treats a varied age range including children and adults/elderly. Children are especially susceptible to verrucas although these are also prevalent in mature patients and should be treated. She also gave us some general day to day tips for good personal care of our feet, to include daily use of a moisturiser (which should contain Urea), and is good to keep our feet in good condition and any hard skin at bay !

A very informative talk and Sally thanked Julia for attending.

The meeting followed with general notices and also a “plea for help” !! Sally explained the need for one or more members to take on the arranging of Speakers for the monthly meetings bearing in mind that this was a very necessary part of our Group. She was still prepared to “run” the meetings on the day but said that if no members came forward to organise the Speakers/events, then the Group would CLOSE !!

Sadly no members came forward BUT …………………………………….
Is there anyone out there that could do this necessary task either alone or to share the task ???