Hearing dogs for deaf people

For the November meeting sadly, we had a low number of attendees. However, those who attended were pleased to welcome Jenny along with her Hearing Dog Tazzy – a two year old black Labrador and also her former HD Molly who is now retired. Liz (a hearing dog socialiser and group member) bought along Eden a 7 month old Cockerpoo. We were able to see the full spectrum of Hearing Dogs – 1 just  learning, 1 a young qualified working dog and 1 former working dog who still happily lives with Jenny alongside Tazzy.
Jenny was able to explain life as a deaf person both before and after a hearing dog and how life changed for her when she was given her first HD Jango so many years ago. Jenny ‘went’ deaf later in life and so she was able to function with communication skills formerly learnt as a hearing person. However, life became more and more difficult for her and it was suggested to her that a hearing dog may be the answer. Enquiries were made of the Charity who were in their infancy and she qualified. She went on to tell us that the Charity is celebrating 30 years this year and have gone from strength to strength, now with a successful breeding programme they are able to help the rising number of people with hearing problems. Both adults and children are now considered – they have come a long way in the 30 years !
Jenny, was able to answer questions explaining that although deaf, she could lip read. All too soon it was teatime although members continued to chat and make a fuss of the dogs. (They were both hopeful of a chocolate biscuit but unlucky !!)
Sally gave out U3A notices regarding the next couple of months and thanked those members for coming.